​  Competition Results 
Monthly Print & Digital Results - June 2018

Judge: Mr Colin Harrison, FRPS, MFIAP, MPAGB, APAGB

  Monthly Prints
1st: Rust Never Sleeps
Author: Steve Green ,

2nd: Not You Again!
Author: Stacy Woolhouse

3rd: Dandelion 
Author: Julie Bishop

H. Commended: Whitethroat At Lunch
Author: Mick Nicholls

H. Commended : Huawei Hats
Author: Nick Pitt

Commended: Waiting For Dawn
Author: Sara Newell

Commended: Death Becomes Her
Author: Hilary Beach

Commended: Cunning Like A Fox
Author: Stacy Woolhouse


Monthly Digitals: Subject: Night Life

1st: Common Frog, Under The Street Light
Author: Stacy Woolhouse

2nd: The Last Train
Author: Stacy Woolhouse

3rd: Title: Watching The Fountain Display

Author: Peter Crane, ARPS

H. Commended : Berlin Diners
Author: Nick Pitt

H. Commended: It Started With A Kiss
Author: Peter Crane,

Commended: Fox
Author: Mick Nicholls

Commended: Underground
Author: Nick Pitt

Commended: The Big Bang
Author: Julie Bishop


            What's On Next?
                                      18th July 2018                                 
                Critique & Judging Of Our July Entries
                         Prints & Digital

We Welcome Back, Mr Peter Weaver
  as our judge for this event

   August Monthly Competetions
     Digital : Light Painting
   Prints : Open

                    7.30pm - 10pm                      ~~~~ 
Why not drop by and say hello!    ​​

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Title: Bridge Over Non Troubled Waters
Author: Bob Berry

 Title: Fleet Street
 Author: Wendy Turner

  Title:Tumbling Paperclips
Author: Peter Crane, ARPS

Title: Odd Peg Out!
Author: Dave Sore

Title: Three Blind Mice
Author: Bob Berry

Title: Red Dice
Author: Dave Sore

Title: Time In Motion
Author: Nick Pitt

Title: Lower Falls Of White Meadow
Author: Steve Green, LRPS

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                  Meadowcroft Community Centre
                 Addison Crescent,
                    SN2 7JX 

      Free Parking - Disabled Facilities - Free Refreshments 

Title: Life & Death
Author: Sara Newell




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​                      Don't Forget!​ 
              June Digital: Night life
             Prints: Open
                         Deadline: June 6th 2018        

Title: Ghost Of The Machine
Author: Steve Green

Title: Close Encounter
Author: Stacy Woolhouse

Title: Soapa
Author:Maurice Pitt

​​  ​​

Congratulations To Our 2017
Trophy Winners!

Audio Visual: Janet Percival

​ Mistletoe & Wine: Hilary Beach

​ Monthly Prints: Steve Green, LRPS

Monthly Digital: Joint 1st

​ Stacy Woolhouse - Peter Crane, ARPS

Best Digital Image: Sara Newell

Best Portrait: Dave Nippress

Best UK Landscape: Joint 1st

​ Steve Green, LRPS - Bob Berry

​ Best Monochrome: Bob Berry

​ Best Wildlife : Stacy Woolhouse

The Martyn Duncan Dent Trophy
Macro/Cl;ose Up​

1st: Stacy Woolhouse

​ TT Panel: 1st Janet Percival

​Chairmans Challenge:
Steve Green, LRPS

Photographer Of The Year
​Steve Green, LRPS

​​Title: Fight Club
Author: Julie Bishop

​​Title: Chilll Out Time
Author: Wendy Kemp

Title: Hold It Together
Author: Michelle Rendell

Title: Pick A Colour
Author: Wendy Kemp

Title: Labrador Pup
Author: Wendy Turner




​​About Us!  
Stratton Camera Club was launched in March 2016

   We are a friendly group of local photographers with
    a wide variety of interests

   The one thing we all have in common is a true
passion for photography 
We meet on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of every month! ​
(Always check our programme before you leave home!)
  The club provides a meeting place for people to share an interest in photography.
Meetings will be varied and diverse with monthly competitions.

Presentations and talks from external speakers, on all manner of subjects
We like to learn and we're happy to share our knowledge and ideas in a friendly atmosphere.
We will also be holding an annual exhibition to showcase our work to the public

 Membership Available
   Why not come along on a club night, with no obligation

We Look Forward to Meeting you


​​Title: Gannetts Bonding
Author: Mick Nicholls

​​Title: Beautiful Earth
Author: Cerys Turner

​​Title: Buffalo Soldier
Author:Mark Page

​​Title: Football Crazy
Author: Hilary Beach

​​Title: The Dancing Class
Author: Janet Ragon Chambers, LRPS

​​Title: In Step
Author: Nick Pitt